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Title: Luke 6:46-49
Post by: clark thompson on May 08, 2017, 12:01:51 AM
Luke 6:46-49 King James Version (KJV)
46 And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?
47 Whosoever cometh to me, and heareth my sayings, and doeth them, I will shew you to whom he is like:
48 He is like a man which built an house, and digged deep, and laid the foundation on a rock: and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake it: for it was founded upon a rock.
49 But he that heareth, and doeth not, is like a man that without a foundation built an house upon the earth; against which the stream did beat vehemently, and immediately it fell; and the ruin of that house was great.

Luke 6:46-49 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

46 “Why do you call me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ but not do what I say? 47 Everyone who comes to me, hears my words and acts on them — I will show you what he is like: 48 he is like someone building a house who dug deep and laid the foundation on bedrock. When a flood came, the torrent beat against that house but couldn’t shake it, because it was constructed well. 49 And whoever hears my words but doesn’t act on them is like someone who built his house on the ground without any foundation. As soon as the river struck it, it collapsed and that house became a horrendous wreck!”

Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) Copyright © 1998 by David H. Stern. All rights reserved.

These are my thoughts, please share yours.

46 For us to disobey God means that we are not making Him, to obey Him to accept Him as our Lord. Satan knows who He is and rebels by not obeying Him because He don’t recognize Him as Lord.

47 We are to strive to live as the Lord wants us, we will always fall short. We will never fully live as we should because we will never be perfect but we are still to strive for such and in Him we will become closer and closer to where we should be.

48 This man built a house on the strong foundation of a rock, our foundation of faith has to be built on Jesus otherwise our faith will fall.

49 This man just put up a house didn’t check the foundation. We sometimes can be like this while meaning well just that we rush thru things or do things while taking our eyes off Him.
Title: Re: Luke 6:46-49
Post by: JB Horn on May 08, 2017, 10:00:55 PM
Obeying Christ is the foundation He speaks of. The foundation is found in iHis word, in short study the Scriptures and build on that foundation.

Title: Re: Luke 6:46-49
Post by: Fat on May 09, 2017, 10:27:56 AM
The followers of Christ build their faith on Him not on man or their own personal wants. Followers follow they don't lead, Christ has given us the road map and not the authority to build our own road as or draw our own map.
The foundation is Christ not man.