Author Topic: Plaintiffs claim discrimination after Catholic cemetery rejects progay headstone  (Read 489 times)

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The homosexual plaintiffs behind the Supreme Court case legalizing gay “marriage” across the U.S. are claiming discrimination after a Catholic cemetery declined their headstone design because it conflicted with Church teaching.

"It's pretty clear when you read the letter that this is a clear case of LGBT discrimination," said Greg Bourke, one-half of the same-sex Louisville, KY, couple named as plaintiffs in Obergefell v. Hodges.

Bourke and Michael De Leon held a press conference Wednesday outside St. Michael Cemetery to claim the Archdiocese of Louisville was discriminating against them for its rejection of the tombstone, local NBC affiliate WAVE-3 reports. Bourke says the archdiocese was getting a pass on showing prejudice against the men because of religious protection in anti-discrimination law.

"We wanted to see if there might be any kind of a legal challenge that we can make," Bourke stated. "Honestly there are legal protection laws, there's an exclusion in the fairness ordinance that protect religious organizations, so that they have a license to discriminate."