Author Topic: Can the Chuch yoke it's self w/ the government for the good of the people?  (Read 1271 times)

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We've seen in recent developments on the healthcare situation where the Catholic Church has found that it was not good or biblical to tie yourself to the government. They have accepted government funding in their schools and hospitals and they have for many years advocated that the poor and hungry should be fed by the government. There's nothing Biblical in this at all, and it's hard to understand how they got themselves in this mess.

So I ask you what is the proper way for a church to handle the poor and hungry in their community? I have seen churches teaming up with government to feed the hungry, is this a proper function of the church?

The questions may center around what is the purpose of religion as described by Paul as to take care of widows and orphans. The church itself is responsible for seeing that the Gospel is spread and that the believers grow in the Gospel and come closer to Christ. Part of the teaching of the Christian religion is that we are to look to God for all things here on earth and in heaven. This can't be done when you point to the government and say it is the governments responsibility to feed hungry, no it is our responsibility to feed the hungry. It is the responsibility of church to see that the community comes to God for their needs. You look at the Western governments across the world right now and you see they have become religions as Paul has described them. People do not turn to the church for their needs they turn to their government and this is a travesty because it takes to glory away from God. After all isn't it true that if the people can look to the government to supply all their needs they will turn to God and say why do I need you? If the person is in this world and their mindset is on material things and the government supplies those material things and there is no need for God in their mind. So what does the church do when the government comes to them and says let's team up? Is there a place for this kind of partnership? Well what does the Bible say about yoking yourself with unbelievers? Can darkness and light exists in the same place. Or is it possible that the light of the church when brought together with the government will outshine the government and God will show through?


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The Church will shine through to those who have eyes to see.
The problem we face is to make sure that the church does not yoke it's self to the government. A sign outside a church run food bank that says 'Ohio state food bank', does not give Christ the credit for His work. It would be better to keep the work inside the church without the state involvement.