Author Topic: Francis urges to ‘welcome’ cohabitating couples in the ‘style of the Gospel'  (Read 584 times)

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Francis urges priests to ‘welcome’ cohabitating couples in the ‘style of the Gospel’

Pope Francis urged parish priests participating in a Vatican-run course titled the “New Marriage Procedure” to “welcome” cohabitating couples living in fornication who “prefer to live together without getting married.” The pope did not ask priests to admonish such couples for living in grave sin nor did he ask them to work for their conversion and repentance.

“At the same time, make yourselves close with the style of the Gospel itself, in the encounter and welcome of those young people that prefer living together without getting married,” he told priests at the Saturday, February 25 event organized by the Roma Rota, the Vatican’s highest ecclesiastical court.


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Didn't Christ say "go and sin no more" ?