Author Topic: Pakistan: Muslims beat and rape Christian boy, police side with perpetrators  (Read 387 times)

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A Christian boy allegedly sexually assaulted by a gang of seven men. Sher Dil resident of Attock claims that the alleged assaulters drove him to an isolated place and beat him violently afterwards subjected him to gang rape. Victimís father approached local police and informed them about the incident; however police seems reluctant to take action against the alleged assaulters.

Izhaq Masih, father of Sher Dil has urged Ministry of Human Rights and Punjab Government to carry out fair investigations. Izhaq Masih detailed that Sher Dil was fooled by a fake Facebook ID by the name of Dur e Aab Fatima. He claims that the ID was being administered by Haleem one of the alleged assaulters.

In line with details divulged by Izhaq Masih, the incident took place on September 13, Wednesday. At around 8:30 pm, when Sher Dil was at a shop in local market, Qasim approached him and asked him to come with him to another local market. Qasim took him to an isolated place, where his accomplices namely Haleem, Usman, Owais, Sahil Butt, Danish and an unidentified rickshaw driver were already present.

Izhaq revealed that initially they started beating him violently and stripped off his clothes. They sexually assaulted Sher Dil and forced him to recite Kalma. Sher Dil was again beaten and fell unconscious, and was taken to a local hospital by the alleged rapists. They warned him of dire consequences if he would disclose the details of the incident to anyone, Izhaq Masih reveals.

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We need more Muslims to emigrate to America so we can learn how to be a peaceful country.